The Importance of Community Engagement

Jul 26, 2023 | Uncategorized

The opposite of addiction is connection, it has been said. One of the most devastating aspects of addiction is the damage it causes to relationships with parents, family, and friends. Avanti Behavioral Health recognizes the important role of relationships in the healing process—especially within the family.

Kelly E. Green’s 2021 book Relationships in Recovery is a comprehensive overview of the crucial role relationships play in the battle against addiction. 

“Most people enter recovery for substance abuse problems hoping not just for improvement in their addiction but also for improvement in their relationships. That’s because the majority who seek treatment report having interpersonal problems and relationship distress,” Dr. Green writes, “in many cases, substance abuse has both caused relationship problems and become a way of trying to cope with them.”

Addiction also has a devastating impact on one’s sense of community. In a world mostly focused on acquiring and using drugs and alcohol, participation in wider community activities disappears far into the background. 

Avanti recognizes the transformative power of connection, belonging, and active participation within a larger recovery community. We strive to engage our clients in meaningful ways, fostering a sense of purpose, personal growth, and social integration. 

While addiction destroys relationships, belonging to a community strengthens recovery. Through collaborative initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and creative endeavors, we empower our teenage clients to become positive contributors within their communities. We believe that community engagement is a vital component of holistic healing and we are committed to helping our clients build fulfilling connections beyond the treatment environment.

People in recovery often comment on the importance of being able to connect with peers who have gone through the same experiences—especially in early recovery. Peer support is the superpower of 12-Step facilitation groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. 

Avanti has forged connections with several organizations in the Denver Metro area to find additional support for teenagers participating in our intensive outpatient program. Our talented team of recovery coaches has built relationships with multiple organizations and communities.

Our partnership with the alternative peer group Full Circle allows our teens to practice social interaction with other like-minded youths choosing to live a life in sobriety. Full Circle provides an atmosphere of caring, support, and fun at all their events, weekend social activities, and 12-Step meetings for young people.

Avanti also developed ties with local recovery high schools, fitness organizations, advocacy groups, and others our teens can explore. Additionally, we attempt to give each teen the opportunity to find a community that fits their specific needs.

Avanti teens have the opportunity to integrate into the local community through volunteer opportunities that foster the importance of “giving back,” focusing less on isolation and more on community integration. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, holistic, family-centered, and trauma-informed care for teens with substance use disorder. We’re here to support sobriety and boost mental health in adolescents during one of the most difficult transitions in life. We know this underserved population requires treatment for addiction that is uniquely crafted for this age group and very different from adult programming. It’s real. It works. Recovery is possible. 

If your teen needs help, do not delay seeking treatment. For more information about our IOP and family programming call us at (720) 753-4030. 

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