Community Engagement

Our program recognizes the power of connection, belonging, and healing within a larger Teen Recovery Community. Additionally, we strive to engage our clients in meaningful ways, fostering a sense of purpose, personal growth, and social integration. Furthermore, through collaborative initiatives, volunteer jobs, and creative endeavors, we aim to empower our clients to become positive contributors within their communities. Finally, at Avanti, we believe that community engagement is a vital component of holistic healing. We are committed to helping our clients build fulfilling connections beyond the treatment environment.

At Avanti, we know that for teens to stay sober, they must find more fun and joy in sobriety than they had while using. Our program has made it a priority to help our teens access these groups. We rely heavily on local organizations.

Furthermore, our former participants have repeatedly stated how important the process of creating a community was in the begininng. Additionally, they speak about the importance of being able to connect with other teenagers who have gone through the same experiences. More importantly, our participants find hope in the stories and connections they find in community.

We have scoured the Denver Metro area to find teenagers who are actively finding their recovery. Our talented team of teen recovery coaches has built relationships with multiple groups, orgs, and communities.

Teen Sober Community

Our partnership with Full Circle allows our teens to practice social skills with other like-minded youth choosing to live a life in sobriety. And engage in sober fun activities that teach them that mental health and recovery is possible. 

Next, Avanti has ties to local recovery high schools, fitness orgs, advocacy groups and others that our teens can explore. Additionally, we attempt to give each teen the opportunity to find a community that fits their specfic needs.

Finally, teens will integrate into the local community through volunteer opportunities that foster the importance of “giving back,” focusing less on isolation and more on community connection.

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