Teen Recovery Coaching

A teen recovery Coach, also known as a sober coach, can help navigate the ups and downs of early sobriety. Furthermore, they can also assist in helping to make well thought out life decisions and choices. A coaching relationship can also assist your teen with additional resources in early recovery. This can include introductions to 12-Step Groups, access to mental health professionals and information on family support. Our coaching program can assist in the treatment and recovery process in a number of ways.

Teen Recovery Coaching offering was designed and created to help teens find a path that works for them. The research shows that support is most effective when it comes from a peer who has had training. Our teen of highly trained peer specialists have worked with hundreds of teens in different stages of the recovery process. Let us help you find a path today.

Teen Sober Coach

In addition to helping find community services and support groups, the teen sober coach can help with guidance around lifestyle changes. This may include athletic activities, fitness classes and yoga or meditation instruction. Sessions generally happen in the community and can focus on a number of areas of growth. Each participant will have differnet goals in the process.

Additionally, He/She will have an advocate who will help to discern the individual root causes and conditions of their addiction.

Your teen will feel enabled to take on their own recovery journey knowing a professional peer will be there to offer guidance and support when needed.

We offer comprehensive coaching and treatment options for teens with mental health and substance use disorders. We know that Teen Recovery Coach programs work. Avanti Behavioral Health strongly believes that it takes a community to help someone find recovery. Our Team of highly trained professionals are standing by to help your family find a path for you.

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