Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Avanti Behavioral Health works with teens and young adults who struggle with mental health and substance abuse in our teen Treatment Center. Drug use, including alcohol, and mental health problems among teens has been a public health concern for decades. 


What sets Avanti Apart?


Our approach to teen IOP treatment is based on researching the major differences between adults and adolescents. As a result, we offer a niche type of treatment largely not available in most recovery communities.

Additionally, we are very aware that addiction therapy is never a one-size-fits-all process.  This is even more so with brain development in teens. Early teen mental health and substance abuse treatment effectiveness had been deemed inappropriate by treating teens in the same way as adults, which is why we proudly offer a youth-focused program.

Our priority is to offer comprehensive treatment options for teens, including a focus on mental health care. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of evidence-based therapy, holistic care, and person centered treatment. Which is especially important due to the fact that each individual requires different combinations of services based on numerous factors. These might include personal history, and the presence of underlying, co-occurring disorders among others. In order to create a customized treatment plan, we offer a wide variety of proven therapeutic services. These modalities are carefully combined to fit the personal needs of each individual client on a case by case basis.




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