Teen Mental Health Outpatient

Teen Mental Health Outpatient

For teenagers who are experiencing mental health issues, they are not alone. Our Teen Mental Health Outpatient program is here to help. According to studies by (SAMHSA), one out five adults suffer from some form of mental illness. Most teenagers struggle to admit to themselves that they have a problem that involves mental health concerns or other harmful behaviors. Our Teen Mental Health Outpatient program in Denver has been designed specifically with these young adults in mind. We offer a robust curriculum that teaches practical tools for everyday life for teenagers to manage their mental health concerns.

Furthermore, our Teen Mental Health Outpatient Treatment Program provides the same integrated care as our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Teens in our IOP typically participate in programming every afternoon following their attendance at school. Whereas teens in our Outpatient Program (OP) will attend sessions fewer than 5 days per week. Our OP’s less intensive schedule is designed specifically for participants that may not require a higher level of care.

Teen Mental Health Treatment

Our Teen Mental Health Treatment has been designed specifically for teens struggling with mental health and other behavioral concerns. Additionally, our IOP and PHP program are designed to allow each teen to continue their lives at home. We want each teenager to still receiving the support and therapy they need without having to massively change their lives. Lastly, an outpatient level of care has been shown to be significantly effective in helping teens to find recovery.

We offer specific treatment programs designed for teens who are experiencing mental health challenges in their life  which include individual and group therapy, substance abuse awareness and life-skills training. We would love to hear from you if you or somone you know needs support for a mental health condition. Call Avanti Behavioral Health today for a free assessement. We are waiting to support you and your family on a journey to wellness and recovery.

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