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 Family Therapy

We know that the involvement and support of families are integral to the success of our clients’ treatment journey. Our family-focused approach recognizes the vital role that parents and loved ones play in the well-being of teens. We provide a range of family-oriented services and interventions to strengthen relationships, enhance communication, and foster a supportive environment. Through collaboration and education, we aim to empower families and create a foundation for lasting healing and growth. Our Teen Family Therapy program can help your family today. 

We have built a multi-layered family approach that includes:

  1. Integrated Family Therapy.
    • We know how important it is to create a safe home enviroment for teens and their families. With this in mind, we offer each family the opportunity to meet for family therapy on a weekly basis. The focus of these sessions are determined by the family therapist and treatment team. The starting goals are to create a home-contract that gives the family and teen the assurances that treatment will include each party. We have found that home-contracts can lower tensions and create the framework for trust to be rebuilt.
  2. In-Home Family Therapy.
    • Our in-home family therapy component is designed to enable the treatment process to work with the family system in the home enviroment. We have seen directly how beneficial this can be in regard to helping families repair.
  3. Family Coaching.
    • Each parent will receive family coaching. We have repeatedly seen the value of this service. We have yet to see a family system that has completely understood how to help their loved one. With this in mind, we know the value of helping families to nagivate the complex processes of development and recovery.
  4. Denver Parent Support Group.
    • We offer weekly, free Family Support Groups. Click Here for more information and to sign up. 

Family Addiction Therapy

Our Multi-Layered approach to families does not stop with the above services. We include family systems concepts in all treatment planning and treatment team processes.

We aim to empower families and create a foundation for lasting healing and growth.

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