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Our location in
Denver Colorado

Our Greenwood Village office is conveniently located near the Denver Metro area and Boulder County. Our proximity to both allows us access to the best of Denver’s cultural pulse as well as many outdoor recreational amenities.

Addiction Treatment

Our specialized treatment is geared towards adolescents and young adults.

Mental Health Care & Education

We provide educational tools for success            to help bridge the gap between              co-occuring disorders.

Dual Diagnosis

We are able to treat multiple diagnoses of both substance use and mental health disorders.

Family Program

Our clinical team incorporates treatment plans with family services to promote an ideal environment for recovery.


Dealing with a substance use disorder for school aged youth means finding alternative academic routes.


A strong community network plays an important role in promoting        sustained sobriety.

Adventure Therapy

Replacing addictive habits with more enriching experiences has proven to be an important component of recovery.

Clinical Approach

A variety of therapeutic modalities can offer successful treatment options for all of our participants.

Alumni Program

We provide support to our alumni even after graduating from our program.

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Motivational Strategies

Adventure Based Programming

Coaching, Encouragement, Self-Efficacy

Peer Led mentoring

Practice SelfAccountability

Guidance & Counseling

Provides Sense of Ceremony & Rites of Passage

Community of Like-Minded Peers

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.