New Report Shines Light on America’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

Oct 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

“The prevalence of mental health conditions among youth in the US has reached alarming levels,” wrote Kati Chilikova recently on Economist Impact. As we previously reported on this blog, our nation’s young people are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis with alarming rates of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, and suicidal thoughts.  

A new report from The Cigna Group found that “nearly half of parents surveyed said their teenagers were experiencing mental health challenges and one-third of parents said their teens struggle with sleep. As a result, more than 25 percent of parents said their own mental health was negatively impacted and reported feeling overwhelmed by their child’s emotional challenges.”

“While awareness has grown, barriers to getting mental healthcare remain for many families – chief among them are knowing where to turn for support and finding the right provider. As conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction become more pervasive, we need to think differently about how we break down barriers once and for all,” said David Cordani, chairman and CEO of The Cigna Group. “To curb this crisis and safeguard America’s future, we need to work together to equip and empower communities with the support they need to revitalize social connections, strengthen resiliency, and improve health and vitality.”

The new report is based on Economist Impact research commissioned by The Cigna Group. It shows parents face multiple barriers to supporting family mental health needs including:

  • Not knowing the type of help needed (50 percent)
  • Difficulty finding a trusted provider (46 percent)
  • Lack of information about community resources (43 percent)
  • Lack of support from schools (43 percent)

Addressing the youth mental health crisis requires multi-faceted action, wrote Chilikova. “By viewing youth mental health as a collective responsibility, communities can work towards creating a future where young people have the support, resources, and understanding that they need to thrive mentally and emotionally. Only through sustained commitment, collaboration, and a culture of prioritizing mental wellbeing can we effectively tackle the mental health epidemic among young people and build a healthier future for all.”

Family involvement and community integration are major aspects of Avanti Behavioral Health’s “Always Forward” philosophy. We created a comprehensive treatment approach, ensuring that our adolescent patients receive the most cutting-edge care available in our recently launched intensive outpatient program (IOP) for clients between the ages of 13 and 18 in Greenwood Village, Colorado.  

We know that seeking the right level of care is crucial for adolescents and their families. An IOP offers a structured and comprehensive treatment approach while allowing teens to continue living at home and attending school. It is an excellent alternative to residential or inpatient programs. IOP generally provides more affordability and allows individuals to maintain their routines and support systems.

Family members can play an important role in the treatment process. Participating in family counseling as part of the outpatient treatment of the child will provide all family members with a better understanding of addiction as a disease and their optimal role in achieving recovery for their loved ones. 

The Avanti team believes that recovery from a substance use disorder is a process that should involve the entire immediate family. We have developed an effective and highly involved method of family counseling. For more information about our IOP and family programming call us at (720) 753-4030. 

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