Mission, Vision, and Values

We know how hard it can be to find a high-quality treatment program for your loved ones. Our team of talented professionals have built the highest quality option for teen treatment in the State of Colorado. Futhermore, we believe strongly that each teenager and their families deserve access to high-quality, evidence-based, recovery oriented services.

Our Mission

Creating an empowered environment for families to thrive.


Our Vision

To create high-quality, outcomes driven care through treatment options tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our Values

 Integrity, Passion, and Practical Recovery

Having spent months creating the framework for Avanti Behavioral Health’s Clinical, Medical, and Operational values and mission, we have determined that empowering families in their recovery journey as a family system is the main mission of our organizaiton.

Additionally, we believe strongly in outcome measures and success rates. We have created cutting-edge technology options to help us track our treatment and success. Furthermore, all of the treatment at Avanti Behavioral Health has been created with a focus on indivdiualized care or each of our participants. Additionally, each participant in the program recieves a completely customized treatment process. Furthermore, each phase of the treatment process is assessment driven. 

Ethical Guidelines

Additionally, we have taken care to build our organization with the highest ethical standards in mind. From our ownership to our youngest staff member we have a shared vision of our ethical practices:

1) Avanti Behavioral Health will not use any form of deceptive marketing practices. All services depicted on the website are actual offered services.

2) Avanti Behavioral Health does not pay for referrals nor do we engage in any type of 3rd party referral networks. Avanti has never, and will never accept or pay any form of kickback.

3) At Avanti Behavioral Health, we adhere to all HIPAA privacy laws and practices.

4) Treatment at Avanti Behavioral Health will enhance the dignity and protect the human and legal rights of all patients and their families.

5) Avanti Behavioral Health has a published fee schedule that is available at any time.

6) Avanti Behavioral Health will never expose a clients identity for marketing purposes.

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