Medication Management

Avanti offers medication management services to support our clients in their journey toward improved mental health and sobriety. Under the care of our psychiatrist, Dr. Kate Daley, we provide medication management that involves the evaluation, prescription, and ongoing monitoring of medications to treat mental health disorders. This essential component of our treatment approach, works in conjunction with clinical therapies to optimize outcomes.  

While in our programming, our consistent engagement and close monitoring of progress allows us to effectively manage medication prescriptions. Through close collaboration with our clients, their families, and the treatment team, we ensure that medication is prescribed based on a thorough assessment of individual needs and treatment goals. We prioritize safety, effectiveness, and the overall well-being of our clients.

For individuals with substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions are often present. Treating both the substance use disorder and the co-occurring mental health condition is crucial for achieving long-term sobriety and wellness. Medication management plays a significant role in addressing these co-occurring conditions, helping to stabilize symptoms, manage cravings, and improve overall functioning.

Medication Monitoring

Our experienced clinicians are well versed in evidence-based practices and stay up to date with the latest advancements in psychopharmacology. They work closely with clients, conducting thorough evaluations, providing education, and ensuring appropriate medication selection and dosages. Additionally, our medication management services involve ongoing monitoring to assess effectiveness, adjust medications if necessary, and address any side effects or concerns. Our team will work with you to develop a personal plan of recovery. 

When paired together with treatment, our medication management services have shown high rates of success with our participants. We value the team approach and holistic model of healing. If you or somone you know is struggling with substance use or mental health, Avanti BH is here to help.

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