Marijuana is the most commonly used federally illegal drug in the United States. It’s estimated that almost 50 million people in the US participate in some sort of marijuana use. Street names for the drug include grass, pot, weed, reefer and dope. With the ever changing laws surrounding marijuana, the stigma surrounding the drug and its dangers are ever changing.

Society is more accepting of marijuana use today than it once was. However, the potentially negative consequences of marijuana use should not be ignored. Although many people do not consider marijuana addictive, evidence suggests that marijuana dependence is a very serious condition. Recent research shows that heavy marijuana users can become physically dependent. Studies also show that 30% of marijuana users have some degree of marijuana use disorder.

Marijuana Use Disorder can display itself in many ways and can lead to harmful side effects. This use is particularly dangerous in the developing brain of teens and young adults. Some examples include trouble concentrating, difficulty learning, increased risk of mental health issues, impaired memory and potential for addiction.

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