As a parent there are few things quite as traumatic as facing the realization that your child has a substance addiction. You feel responsible, frustrated, scared, confused and broken. Additionally, when my son entered treatment I felt like a complete failure. Through education, therapy and group support, I quickly learned the “3 C’s.” – You didn’t cause it, you can’t control it and you can’t cure it. 

Although adolescent treatment facilities are limited in number, I was fortunate to find a good facility. It offered excellent treatment for my son. Thankfully, he is still in recovery and has devoted his life to giving back and helping educate others. Furthermore, I took inspiration from his strength and determination and resolved to take action against what is unfortunately a growing problem.

Additionally, our family has spent many years enjoying the outdoors in the mountains of Vail, Colorado. Vail was founded in part by some of the veterans of an elite US Army unit called the 10th Mountain Division. They trained at Camp Hale. Not far from Vail they were taught to employ those tactics in some of the most demanding mountain conditions. This group of soldiers fought against Nazi Germany in the Italian Alps during World War II. Their motto was “Sempre Avanti – Always Forward”.

Always Forward

It is from this rich history that the name for our company was born. The soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division were fighting for their lives, just like the young people that walk through our doors. We believe that through a commitment to moving forward, our clients can take back control of their lives and fulfill whatever purpose they desire. Our children are the future and time is on our side if we take action.


Ed Venerable

Lastly, in this letter from our founder, I want to offer a personal quote that,

“It does me good to do what is difficult” -Vincent van Gogh

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