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Our Denver Teen Rehab is here to help you and your family on a journey to family recovery. We believe that our treatment program is the top Teen Mental Health treatment in Colorado. We treat most mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and other co-occuring conditions. Our team of highly talented providers is standing by to help today.

At our Denver Teen Rehab we know how difficult it is to take the first step to getting help. Research shows that 1 in 10 young adults has an alcohol use disorder. 1 in 7 has a substance use disorder and 1 in 13 young adults use drugs. These studies also indicate that young adults in modern society are feeling more socially isolated and alone. We know this has led to increased drug and alcohol use to try to cope with these intense feelings. Some may also turn to substances in an attempt to share a social experience and to feel part of a group. Parental involvement decreases as the teen transitions into young adulthood causing added stress on the family.

Teen Mental Health Treatment


Avanti acknowledges that young adults are at a pivotal point in their lives and have needs that are different from teens. Teens will continue to benefit from treatment being focused on their specific peer group.

Avanti Behavioral Health uses a variety of therapies and other clinical interventions to help each teen find recovery. Not all treatment centers are created equally. At our Denver Teen Rehab we work with each teen 1:1 to develop a plan to treat the presenting and underlying symptoms.

If you or someone you know is considering rehab for Mental Health or Addiction, call one of our highly trained admissions coordinators today.



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