Denver Teen Psychiatrist

Denver Teen Psychiatrist

In recent reports, Colorado is among the states with the worst mental health problems, especially in adolescents. We know the difficulties of finding a high-quality denver teen psychiatrist. The most needed service in Colorado for teens struggling with mental health is access to psychiatry services. Our belief is that addiction medicine and mental health medicine needs to be combined with other types of therapies.  At Avanti, we have build our program based on Three Pillars. These pillars were Clinical Expertise, Family Services, and Community Building. 

  • Clinical Expertise: When we started Avanti, we knew that high quality clinical interventions were a major part of the process. We continually hear how every psychiatrist in the denver area has 3-6 months long wait lists for appointments. Our goal has been to recruit some of the top providers in the State of Colorado and offer a “bundle” of services. This bundle is known as IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program. When a family enrolls at Avanti, they will have access to our psychiatrist as well as our licensed clinicians on a weekly basis. 

Our Denver Teen Psychiatrist services offer an initial assessment. This assessment will look at substance use, mental health, depression, anxiety as well as a number of other areas. Our team will then review the findings of the assessment with the family and use it to determine a treatment plan. Once determined, participants can see our psychiatry team as frequently as once per week. 

We have seen the challenges that families face when trying to find a medication provider for their children. We believe that while the medicine is important, it is the holistic nature of the interventions that can be most sucessful. This is why we pair psychiatry with therapy, drug testing, recovery coaching, adventure based services, etc. We know that its the combination of these services that ultimately help heal the family. 

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