Community Partners

Community Partners

Communities are built on a shared purpose, direction, and dedication. Our program has been constructed to help teens find the community they seek. We know the value of peer to peer support. Additionally, we also encourage our participants to join peer-led sober communities for teens and young adults such as Full Circle. Understanding that they are not alone but are supported by a strong community of like-minded peers is an integral part of the healing and recovery process. Through collective action, we seek to provide skills, resources, and assistance in implementing changes to benefit those causes identified.

We partner with a number of local community organizations to help our participants build community. Full Circle is just one of the many resources we have access to. Through our Adventure Therapy initiative we partner wth Adventure Recovery to offer monthly adventure therapy based services. Each month our participants are able to experience rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, river surfing, kayaking and more. The bonds build at these events can extend long after treatment is over. 

Denver Teen Support

We also utilize local teenage recovery resources such as:

  • 5280 High School: Many of our participants have had challenging relationships with education. 5280 High School was created with the hope of building a recovery enviroment for teenagers at school. The school has served hundreds of kids and is a vital resource in the Denver Area. 

  • Full Circle: Full Cirle is a community center for teenagers with locations around the United States. Full Circle provides a safe enviroment for Teens to build relationships and learn more recovery skills in a non-treatment enviroment. The ability to offer weekly activities for teens that are focused around positive life decisions is one of our biggest assets. 

  • SoberAF Entertainment (SAFE) : SoberAF is a Colorado based non-profit that provides safe places at sporting events, concerts, and other public events. SAFE has served thousands of people nationwide and offers dozens of events each year ranging from major College Football games and tailgates to Stadium sized concerts. 

  • Illuminate Community Recovery Services is a nonprofit organization composed of highly trained Peer and Family Specialists, CRAFT therapists, Recovery Advocates, and Outreach Specialists, all committed to serving our community. Their mission is to advocate for families and their loved ones by providing individual peer support, facilitating support groups, and offering referral services to trusted providers for addiction-related care beyond our agency’s scope, such as medical detox, inpatient treatment, or intensive outpatient programs.

  • Adventure Recovery provides professional individual and group guided outdoor activities and trainings for those seeking mentorship, adventure, personal transformation, and direction in mental health and recovery. AR offers an innovative model that integrates mental health awareness and expertise with transformational adventure experiences that teach individuals how to embody self-efficacy, empowerment, and confidence.

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