Clinical Assessment


The clinical assessment is a crucial step in our treatment process. We offer a free report that aims to identify any misdiagnosed or undiagnosed conditions. Through evidence-based tools and clinical meetings, our experienced clinicians gather valuable information. This includes information about an teens emotional, behavioral, and psychological functioning. Additionally, the process helps us uncover any mental health conditions, substance use concerns, or co-occurring disorders.

When we conduct a clinical assessment, we start by looking at a teens life history. We take into account a number of areas of the persons life to determine what the risks and needs are. Once the main assessment is complete, a diagnosis is given and a summary of the assessment is completed.

By examining each client’s presenting conditions, we can determine more specific treatment goals. Additionally, we believe this approach better considers the unique needs of each client and tailors suggestions in our aim to provide effective and targeted support.

Teen Therapy

Avanti takes into account the families needs, risks, and histories. Additionally, we understand that an assessment is a great starting point. If it is not followed up at once by a robust treamtent plan, the symptoms wont go away. An assessment is just a starting point in the longer treatment process.

Once complete the assessment is reviewed with the participant and the family. Next, a comprehensive treatment plan is created based on the findings. The participant will have a large amount of imput with regard to their goals and objectives.

For those looking to chart a treatment course, a clinical assessment can be of the utmost value. Call Avanti today to schedule a free assessment.

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