Upon completing treatment, before knowing about the alumni program, clients often wonder “What’s next…?”. Life in long-term sobriety can be overwhelming to those in early recovery as a teen. Avanti Behavioral Health has built a robust alumni program that continues to support the teen who has completed treatment but also the family system as a whole. 

Many times when someone completes treatment they have attained a major sense of renewel and stability in their lives but are still seeking ways to incorporate the gains they have made in treatment into their daily lives. Additionally, In our alumni program we know that not all services are going to work for everyone. Furthermore, That is why we have created a robust, holistic series of services desiged to help each teen. 

The important components of our alumni program include: 

  • Monthly Alumni Events
  • Yearly Alumni Trips
  • Monthly Family Support Groups
  • Alumni 1:1 support
  • Long term recovery coaching
  • Long term medication management with our medical provider
  • Long term 1:1 therapy

Additionally Avanti Behavioral Health offers internships and jobs to those who have completed the program. We know that as teens complete our program and find recovery they will be motivated to give back. Additionally, Our volunteer program combined with weekly professsional development allows for teens to become the next generation of provider.

Avanti Aftercare Services

Although completing treatment is a milestone that we heartily celebrate at Avanti Behavioral Health, we know the journey will continue. Our team of highly trained professionals and supporters is here today to help you or a loved one start on your journey of recovery. Furthermore, We encourage each participant to ask early on about how to engage with the alumni program.

Call today to set up a free assessement for you or a loved one. At Avanti Behavioral Health we are Always Moving Forward!



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