Adventure Therapy

Avanti knows adventure therapy programs can be a beneficial component of recovery. For that reason, we partner with Adventure Recovery, an adventure based outdoor activities and leadership program. An important part of the recovery process is to expand teens and young adults’ interests and direct their enthusiasm towards new, fun, and fulfilling activities. Especially those that are absent of drugs or alcohol. We believe that showing youth that their life can still be fun and exciting without including harmful addictive behaviors will assist in life-long healing and recovery.

What Does Adventure Therapy for Teens do? 

Teen outdoor therapy is an experience in finding strength, resilience, and joy in overcoming things that are hard to do. Knowing that in discomfort we grow, each participant is asked to step outside their comfort zone. We do that by exploring new hobbies and adventure pursuits. Hiking, rock climbing, rafting, paddle boarding, and snowboarding are just some of the ways that adventure therapy programs offer opportunities to build self-empowerment in teens.

Adventure activities also help develop leadership and decision making skills are a foundation for a future of optimal living. Along with these skills,  teen outdoor therapy programs allow healthy relationship building and trust. Above all adventure therapy teaches coping mechanisms in real life scenarios. We witness teens develop a stronger sense of self through opportunities to exercise determination in goal setting and achievement. It’s a powerful tool. We see incredible transformation in the teens that participate in outdoor adventure therapy as a part of their recovery.

Avanti Behavioral Health is proud to partner with Adventure Recovery. Each participant at Avanti will have the opportunity to attend multiple Adventure Recovery events per month. We know that properly run Adventure Therapy can be a game-changer for our participants. We have decided to outsource this vital service to the industry leaders for Adventure Therapy.


Adventure Recovery

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