Academic Support

Academic Support


Avanti Behavioral Health knows the impact that addiction and mental health have on academic support for teens. As such, our treatment includes treating the entire family and system. This involves treatment plans, referrals, academic support sessions, and resources which are implemented to provide the academic support for teens and young adults needed to succeed in schooling and work interests.

We know that not every situation is the same. In some instances it may be best to take a break from school. In other situations it may be best to find virtual, or non-traditional based schooling options. Above all, our talented team of professionals is here to help you and your family make the decision.

Academic Performance

We know that school plays an important, protective, role in each teenager and young adult journey. Though every situation is treated individually, each participant at AvantiBH will receive an academic support plan that will work with the clinical team to provide each participant the best chance of finding long-term recovery and academic success.

We know the value of education and will work hard to help your loved one reach their goals. Our licensed, trained, professional staff takes very seriously the impact that substance abuse and mental health conditions have on each persons academic goals. Therefore, our academic support for teens services have been designed with teens and young adults in mind.

In the Unites States today, millions of teens are missing school due to their substance use and mental health conditions. Therefore, we believe that we cannot just treat one area of a persons life. As each participant progresses through the program, we expect school performance to rise alongside coping skills, recovery tools, and other pro-social behaviors.

At Avanti Behavioral Health, we meet weekly to work on academic goals, academic support and academic planning. Our talented staff are here to help today. 

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