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Avanti Behavioral Health was founded to provide high-quality, evidence-based resources for Teens in the Colorado Region. We have witnessed firsthand the pain, suffering, and cost of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Epidemic in the US. Our Founder has set out to build a treatment option that offers practical, engaging skills for teens. Our team has built a regionally renowned center. If you or someone you know are looking to learn more about us, call Avanti Behavioral Health Today.

Our goal is to be the #1 provider of subtance use and mental health services in the Denver Metro area. We have brought togehter a team of highly trained clinicans and behavioral health providers to meet the needs. Avanti Behavioral Health strives to provide evidence-based, outcome-oriented treatment. We believe strongly that mental health and substance use are treatable conditions.

Additional to our team and program, we have created a community of supporters that utilize exsisting resources. We use Adventure Therapy, community building, events, and trainings to build the community we seek. We know that if our teens do not build a positive community for themselves, it is unlikely that they will maintain recovery. Furthermore, we have seen what happens when a young adult finds a recovery community. Our team of passionate professionals are here to help you and your today.

Whether its our team of highly trained professionals, or the mission and vision of Avanti, or our location, each has been chosen specifically to help with the treatment and recovery process.



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